Synergetic Arts Experiencing

Alkehmia is a coaching business focused on supporting the integration of diverse experiences to help people feel safe, learn how to transition comfortably, and receive guidance on how to create a sustainable life.

Whether you’re currently going through life transitions, need support in befriending the unknown, or release emotional residue from being harmed in this world. I’m here to guide your inner voice.

All of you is welcomed here, guided by our no harm ethic. Together we will explore how to reconcile all of you, while learning to release the residue of trauma and heartache that can keep us stuck and move towards authenticity, freedom, and possibility.

Alkehmia is medicine for the heart.

It is not…..a quick fix, or one stop solution. It requires deep work and commitment. It’s an investment of time, energy, and humility. It is the readiness to meet oneself, in all aspects. Are you ready to explore?

Nice Meeting You

Hi, I’m Estephania, founder of Alkehmia. Welcome! I’ve saved you a seat.


At Alkehmia, we design, facilitate, and integrate growth experiences, prioritizing your safety and privacy. Our services have spanned across diverse spaces, including the psychedelic medicine field, Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT), private guidance sessions, harm reduction conferences, teaching Buddhism across North America, and facilitating educational trips worldwide.


We specialize in guiding individuals through life transitions, helping them feel safe, and supporting them in creating sustainable lives. Whether you’re navigating change, embracing the unknown, or releasing emotional residue from past harm, our coaching is here to guide your inner voice.


Our no-harm ethic ensures that every part of you is welcomed and supported. Together, we’ll explore how to reconcile all aspects of yourself, releasing trauma and heartache to move toward authenticity, freedom, and possibility.


Alkehmia offers deep, transformative work that requires commitment and investment. It’s not a quick fix or a one-stop solution, but a journey of time, energy, and humility. Are you ready to explore and meet yourself fully?


Currently, we offer guidance sessions and Healing Through the HeArt experiences.

Healing Through the Heart Experiences

Transformative experiences facilitated based on your need.
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