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Reviews & Partnerships

“Co-facilitating with Estephania has been a rich experience. Her facilitation style reflects her ability to read a room, her commitment to reciprocity, and her willingness to engage with both light and serious issues that come up in group dynamics. Estephania works hard while staying flexible, which makes her a wonderful partner in collaboration. In developing and executing workshops and community programs, I deeply value Estephania’s contributions.” 

Mary Leighton, Director of Language Partners BC


 “Estephania supports the team and her clients through profound presence and willingness. She continually assesses ways in which we can make processes more accessible, thinks outside of the box, and really listens to what her teammates are saying. Her embodiment of self-expression is admirable and she is an absolute joy to work with!” 

Dani Waldman

Guide & Circle Facilitator, Mindbloom

“Estephania has been a fantastic facilitator, group leader, and colleague to work with on our educational programs. She is a thorough planner and clearly thinks through the intention of each workshop, asks thoughtful questions, helps us navigate logistical limitations, and is received well by students (participants). She engages students warmly and openly and helps them move through the experience and reflect in meaningful ways. She also did a great job helping us adapt some workshops to a virtual/hybrid format during the pandemic!”

Andrea Bachmann - Director of Education - Atlas Workshops

“Working with Estephania was a pleasure. She brought curiosity, warmth, and great ideas to a conference workshop on multilingual experiences in libraries, where her expressive exercises really helped attendees explore and imagine how those experiences can vary for different kinds of library users.”

 – Ean Henninger, Liason Librarian, Simon Fraser University


“I met Estephania through a collaboration for the BC Library Association Conference. The focus of our session was multilingual service design. As a team of three presenters, we were clear from the outset that we were interested in creating an immersive experience for the participants. We didn’t simply want to lecture them about multilingualism in the library and how it impacts our services and our communities. Instead, we wanted them to feel the experience of interacting in a multi-languaged way and, in this way, to think about the library in ways that perhaps they had not before considered.

Estephania’s deep grounding in expressive arts helped us to turn this concept into a reality. She actively contributed ideas for activities to take participants further into an affective experience focused on language and its intersections with power and privilege in our society. I also deeply appreciated her attention to detail. She came up with the idea to create a multilingual soundscape to play in the background as participants arrived at the session. This soundscape transformed the conference centre room into an urban cafe, where we could collectively listen in to conversations in many languages.

I was energized and inspired through the experience collaborating with Estephania and would welcome the opportunity to learn from her further in the future.”

   – Julia Lane, PhD Writing Services Coordinator, Simon Fraser University


“My expressive arts therapy session with Estephania Solis was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before on my healing journey. The sheer diversity of techniques and activities she brought to our session allowed me to explore my healing process from different angles, as a result I was able to meaningfully connect to aspects of myself and my healing process. Estephania provided a grounded, respectful, and gentle presence, she was able to effectively establish and maintain a safe space that allowed me to explore and, if feeling uneasy, return to a place of security within myself. The session brought up things I never knew was there within me, it was and continues to be an important part of my journey thus far.”


-N.S., Vancouver, BC

“Estephania has a great gift for this work, and many who come are very glad they did “ -Nelson, Low Entropy Foundation Facilitator

“Estephania’s facilitation style is very positive, inviting, and friendly. She is incredibly expressive and emotive which inspires the rest of us to get out of our comfort zone.” -Low Entropy Foundation Community Member

What was your biggest learning or insight?

“Grounding through journaling , self reflecting , and positive self talk. The workshop was well planned and effective. ” -Karthik Durasaimi, Low Entropy Foundation Member

“I enjoyed the session. Really loved the part with movement & music & it’s correlation with conflict and clarity. Awesome idea”

“The workshop was excellent. It was definitely not what I was expecting. I enjoyed the movement part and am glad we got to journal/draw our ideas. My favorite part was dancing. Great choice of song. I am listening to it as I write this e-mail to you. It will definitely be part of a routine for me to listen every morning for motivation..”

“My biggest insight was the importance of embracing my gifts and creating a sense of empowerment.”

Low Entropy Members





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