Alkehmia, synergetic arts experiencing

About Me

Growing up as an immigrant and forced by circumstance to navigate a mix of cultures, languages, and ways of being in the world informed my identity, sense of belonging, and relationships. I’ve always been a highly energetic individual with a passion for service, working countless service oriented fields for more than 10 years. Collecting one experience after another, learning the many ways we are in constant relation with ourselves and the world around us. Finally in 2018, I answered my calling and began facilitating Expressive Arts healing sessions, designing educational workshops, and offering integration sessions.

My focus stems from a person-centered philosophy and fluid facilitation style, that allows for an organic attunement to the sensitivities that may arise through each experience. With change being our only constant, my purpose is twofold. I am here to support you in discovering the magnificence of who you are and how to keep afloat through each transformation-past, current, and future.


It’s an honor to walk alongside you.

With Love,



Training & Education

B.A. Psychology, Certifications- ICF, EXA, ASIST


Healing Through the HeART Experiences

Transformative experiences facilitated based on your need. 


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